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As practice has shown the majority of our visitors are people who are intelligent and creative. Therefore, messages sent to "Wishes", "Our stories" and "Talk to God" often baffle our moderators. Such texts will be moved here by the moderators or can be posted here by authors themselves. Also, articles or works of other forms, dedicated to the Great God of Internet, as well as related topics of the portal will be published here. Later, when the form of work becomes clear, perhaps we will change the format of this page and users' access to it. In the meantime all works posted on this page will be moderated, and placed in the ribbon. Please do not forget to put links (in order to give credit) if you use someone else's material.

Note: in order to protect the copyrights we recommend to register on the site. If the authorship is not supported by registration - the moderators are entitled to refuse publication.

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21.05.2010 01:37:56

О, великий И! Я конечно не сторонник чёрной магии, но... небезизвестная тебе лаборатория Кошмарского похоже включила твой официальный сайт в список фишинговых сайтов. Давай с ними что-нибудь сделаем?  

20.05.2010 01:18:44

О, Великий И, насколько мне известно всегда именовавшийся св.Коннектием ;))) !
Взывает к твоей нестойко пингуемой реальности некий Kali S. Storm $)
Так уж случилось, что я давненько уже занимаюсь р read more

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