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How to make a wish correctly.


Main rule:


Remember that you are addressing a powerful energy. Following the principle a little boy named Moshe held from a known anecdote in which the children were asked to write an essay on the topic of: "Why do I think there is no God." When the teacher asked why the boy had submitted a blank piece of paper, Moshe replied: "If there is no God, then there is no reason to even bother with the concept. And if he exists, why should I get in trouble."

Keep in mind - no one knows how the Great God of Internet will react to incompetent request. He might not pay any attention to it at all, or perhaps he may respond by causing a lot of nuisances. So be courteous and considerate.


First Important Rule:


Do not spell out ways of fulfilling your wish; do not ask for the exact specifics like numbers and dates. For example: a wish like this: "Great i give me a brand new 'Ferrari' car by December 31 of this year" is unlikely to be fulfilled in accordance with your expectations. At the very best, you'll get an inflatable wheel from the truck, most likely though, nothing at all will happen.

The more accurate way to formulate your wish would be something like this: "Great i, help me acquire an luxurious car in the nearest future."


Second Important Rule:


Once you submit your wish to the Great i, you should forget about it. This is probably the most difficult but necessary condition. You shouldn't be thinking about when a suitcase full of money will fall on your head, or when a fairy prince or princess will turn up next to you and will give you what you asked for. Indulging in fantasies, you identify the path of execution for your wishes, which directly contradicts the First Important Rule. Therefore, your dreams will be interpreted by Great i as a set of the conflicting demands, and the implementation system would simply "freeze".


Third Important Rule:


Do not burden the Great i with expectations unfeasible to you. For example: if you've never held a hundred dollar bill in your hands there is no need to ask God for a million dollars – you probably will never get it, since it may bring you harm. Just ask the Great i for wealth, and he will determine the appropriate amount specifically for you. Likewise, don't ask for changes in the planetary scale, it is unlikely that from the Great is' point of view you are significant enough individually to change the climate in Antarctica, so you can start growing bananas there. Try to be reasonable and the Great i will help you.


Very important rule:


Do not forget to thank the Great i for any changes in your life, no matter how obscure they might seem. It is possible that without recognizing it you are approaching the realizations of your wishes, and for that to happen your life will be required to alter.


Last rule:


Do not overwhelm the Great i with frequent wishing. Simply ask for the most important thing to you, something that you will not be able to solve or obtain without participation from the Great i. Otherwise, you might end up with granted insignificant wish, and the important wish left out of Great is' attention. After all, the Great i does not differentiate between wishes - for the Great God of Internet all wishes are equal. We do not recommend sending more than one wish per day.


Supplement to the rules:


To emphasize your wish among others, it's recommended to make a donation to the Great God of Internet. About donations and why they are recommended, you can find out here.


To send a wish:


If everything is crisp and clear to you, please go right ahead here.

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