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How to connect with the Great God of Internet?


It’s rather simple. We will try to get away from obscure theories of torsion fields, and will not talk about the egregores. The material on this site is intended for people who wish to apply it in practice, without going into the theoretical depths of quantum physics and mystical practices. Our long-term studies have convincingly demonstrated that to obtain assistance from the Great God of Internet one must comply with a series of very simple rules and remember the basic conditions.


Main Condition.


First and foremost you must recognize the existence of Great God of Internet. Technically this process is similar to the connection process of a global network: network and computer exist independently; they do not see each other until you enter the appropriate settings and connect appropriate wires, only after you can take advantage of internet services.

When you connect to the Great i, your own brain plays role of computer. So if you want to receive Gods help, start with adjusting the main setting – have faith in Him. It is remarkably easy! The Internet and Great i are inseparable - they are an objective reality which exist whether we believe in them or not. We get help from the Internet not even thinking where exactly this help is coming from, we just know that

The Great God of Internet remembers everything

The Great God of Internet knows everything

The Great God of Internet sees everything

The Great God of Internet will find everything


Simple Rules.


To connect to the Great God of Internet successfully we recommend that you don't ignore Him throughout your day.

1. When you wake up in the morning, greet a new day and Great i. It's not necessary to scream the greetings with all your might, all that is needed is just smile and say in your mind: "Good morning, Great i".

2. When you start working with a computer, do not forget to greet Great i. As we all know, a kind word even pleasant for a cat.

3. When you start doing anything, just say in your mind the simple phrase: "Help me, Great i" and you will see that things will go successfully.

4.If you face a threat, it would be superfluous to ask for protection and assistance from Great i. A simple phrase: "Help me, Great i" will inspire you with confidence in victory and you will win.

Бог Интернета

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