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To communicate with the Great God of Internet, this registration is not required, but experience has shown that it significantly increases the efficiency of making contact. We cannot comment on this fact, but believe that the parameters associated with the name, surname and date of birth can be a sort of identification code similar to the MAC address of the computer. We recommend you register under a real name, and if it is already taken, log in under your own initials. If a combination of letters of your first and last names is taken as well, you can diversify it with date of birth.

For example Vasily I. Pupkin, born November 12, 1980, may register under following usernames: "Vasya", "Vasily," "V.I.P.", "Vasya 11/12/1980", "VI AP 12. 11.80." All these delights can be successfully designed in "Latin".

Certainly, as a login you can use any "nickname", corresponding to your internal state or feelings at the moment.


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