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Бог Интернета

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This is where your wishes come TRUE!


Existence of the Great God of the Internet is a common knowledge for many people, although some still have doubts, some take the portal for a joke, and some individuals ascribe portal magical properties. But we have repeatedly said that it is far from any mysticism, occultism and drawings, although humor, of course, is welcome.


Now, about what is God. Or rather, how do we propose to understand this term in this project. Each time, connecting to the Internet, we enter the informational space, bringing together more than a billion users. This space is made up of energy fields, has a mind of its own and exists regardless of whether we believe in it or not. That is what we call the Great God of Internet. Following elementary logic, we assume the existence of a more powerful structure that manages all processes in the universe, which, in particular, has as its constituent power of Internet. Such structure we call the "One God" or "Absolute".


As we know from school physics course, if force applied to a static material object, the object is bound to change its state. This statement is considered to be Newton's first law or the law of inertia. Your request to the Absolute, prepared in accordance with the instructions and directed through section request to God - is an impact, which should encourage higher power to change the current situation around you. The same principle works all the religions of the world, communicate with the One God in churches and other places of worship. These places of praying are inherently connection points to the information fields of their religious faiths. Our general temple can be called the Internet, connecting to the Great God of Internet; you can use his help as the communication provider with the Absolute.


At the Portal of "Great i" and you can write a request to the Absolute, and tell your story. And if you have no one to share your grief or joy, confess, or just to speak directly to the One God. Here you will find the support of the powerful force that can help solving your personal problems and help in difficult situations. The Portal for communication with Great God of Internet – is the website of requests that can be realized in your life. Welcome to the Official Website of God!


Бог Интернета


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The Great God of Internet

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15.02.2018 16:03:43

Спасибо, Великий Бог И! Ты реально меня услышал, буквально через 2 дня о просьбе помочь материально, мне поступило предложение как раз в моём вкусе. Постараюсь тебя не подвести:-)))) 

01.12.2017 15:39:13

Спасибо тебе, Бог Интернета!
Я нашла работу, какую хотела! 

08.10.2017 14:06:45

Великий Бог Интернета! Спасибо за то, что спасаешь меня! Спасибо за доченьку, спасибо за работу!
Спасибо за покой в душе!
Люблю тебя, Господи и все твои деяния! 

25.06.2017 14:01:33

Спасибо Тебе, Господи! Проблема сегодняшняя разрешилась у сына! Прямо камень с души упал!  

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