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When it comes to donations, some of you might be thinking: "Oh, that's where the dog is buried! They all ventured out to collect money from innocent citizens”. We however want to clarify this issue by stating that it doesn’t matter how and where donations will be passed, as long as they meet the guidelines below.


What is meant by donation?


There are many ways to donate. The best way is to give another person what he needs the most. It can be: a glass of water for thirsty person, piece of bread for the hungry, clothing for the person who is cold, toys for a child, or a cure for a patient. You can give money to a needy or transfer to the charitable organization.

Any help for other people will be accepted by the Grand I. If you are not sure where you should donate, you can transfer money to our account, and we'll find ones who needs your donations the most.


Giving away things or items you don’t needs does not count as a donation. If you donate money the amount of the donation must be meaningful to you personally. If you just get rid of unnecessary items, or spend an insignificant for you amount - it is called charity, which, in general, is also a useful act, but it is NOT a donation.


Why donate?


No one can tell you exactly why donations increase the likelihood of fulfillment of your wish. Perhaps it is the law of conservation - in order to get something, you must first give something. We will not even go into a history telling you that religions, occults, mystical sects and rituals, which always included sacrifices or donations. We simply inform you that this mechanism works efficiently from the old times to this day.

You just need to remember that in this world nothing comes from nowhere, and when you ask a person for a glass of water, he is entitled to expect something in return. When you ask God to fulfill you wish, we believe that he too, may require something in return. Most likely - it would be your faith in him, and if you donate it must mean you believe.


Are donations necessary?


Also we want to note that the donation is not a prerequisite to address the Great I. If your life is already rich in good deeds, donations may be redundant. These recommendations are for those who want to increase the probability of fulfilling their wishes.




Donation can be considered only an act directed to benefit to people, animals, or environment. Any attempts to cause anybody or anything any harm with the help of Great I is unacceptable and can lead to very unpredictable results for the author of such actions.


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