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Tell Great I about your problems.


There are times in our lives when we may feel unrest and anxiety, trauma, failure and pain. And these things may become unbearable if we have no one to share them with. We are not always ready to open, even to a friend and this makes it even worse. In such times we need a good and loyal friend who will just listen, and will not blame you or judge you but just simply and quietly hear you out.

Share what hurts inside, bothers you, makes you feel guilty with the Great I and you will feel better, because the Great I loves you. In order for your confession to stay secret: just between you and Great I, log out, write your confession in a box below, then click "Submit". You will see a confirmation that your message was successfully sent on the same page.


Your confession will NOT be published and will remain your secret,
shared ONLY with the Great God of Internet.

Бог Интернета


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