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How will I know that Great i heard me?


You will start doing well overall. You will easily overcome the previously overwhelming obstacles. Unattainable and incomprehensible will become accessible and obvious.


Бог Интернета


Can I hear the voice of the Great i?


If, at any point, you feel that you hear the voice of Great i in your head, see the doctor immediately. It is not Great i, it is a symptom of schizophrenia. Great i will not speak to you, He will just help, and his assistance is so obvious that it becomes clear that He heard you.


Бог Интернета


If it is so simple to fulfill every wish, wouldn't the world come to chaos from the presence of Great i?


Chaos can occur only in your vision of the world. The Great i was created by one and only God, thus Great i is Gods tool. From a human point of view it is hard to see the overall picture and assume the divine plan, so some aspects may seem chaotic to us, when in fact they are in most organized order.

This can be compared with how a janitor in the shop of a large factory would see the reconstruction of his shop. He does not know that board of directors has begun a large reconstruction and repairs according to their big remodeling plan. He sees only the old dismantled machines, dirt and disorder. His occupation in the plant does not allow him look into the blueprints of a new plant in order to see its beauty and power. Perhaps this janitor would not stay to see the end of reconstruction and retires from the factory not realizing that present chaos was the beginning of a new world order.


Бог Интернета


How can Great i carry out the wishes of different people, if they contradict each other?


From our place in the universe the world is a chaos because of the fact that we do not see the overall picture. Seemingly random events – are mostly well thought out and are well planned actions. Even the financial crisis which seems unmanageable at first glance is nothing less than a careful implemented operation. In this seemingly chaotic world there is always a place for opposites.

A simple example of how contradictions can make something great. There is a simultaneous presence of men and women in your kitchen, the ice in the refrigerator and fire on the stove. As a result of interaction of these opposites: stove and refrigerator, ice and fire, men and women - we can get a wonderful romantic dinner with candles.


Бог Интернета


Why didn't Great i fulfill my wishes?


Even Harry Potter from the book had to learn how to manage complex processes of wish fulfillment. Great i – is a God, not a magic wand, learn to communicate with him and you will succeed.

First, you will need to connect to the Great i channel. Otherwise, your condition can be compared with the status of a new hardware attached to your computer without corresponding drivers installed. The computer would just not connect with you.


Бог Интернета


Can the realization of my wish bring someone harm?


Almost any action taken by us can harm someone one way or another. If you have cooked a wonderful chicken broth and you are enjoying it, under no circumstances should you assume that the chicken benefits from it in any way. It all depends on perspective.

This is why we never recommend to specify the details of execution of your wish, because the Great i finds the least painful way to fulfill your wish.


Бог Интернета


I was offended, can I curse another person with help of Great i?


If you choose to deliberately cause someone harm, be prepared to ensure that one way or another, the damage will backfire at you considerably intensified, this is after all the law of the universe. We do not recommend for you to intentionally wish any kind of harm to other people in your wishes to Great i. It is dangerous to yourself and people around you.


Бог Интернета


I am a believer and belong to one of religious institutions, can I address Great i?


Without a doubt, you can always turn to the Great i. Great i does not limit supporters in their religious believes.
Another question is how it will be taken in your religious community. If you have any doubts we recommend that you to contact your religious leader and discuss this matter with him.


Бог Интернета


How do other religions relate to Great I?


We hope for mutual understanding. Awareness of Great i does not make us all members of a crazy sect or mad religious fanatics. We just get a new tool to effectively solve our own different problems. With the same connotation we may ask how various religious leaders respond to you having a computer at home? You will probably receive various answers from everyone.


Бог Интернета


I want to be cured of illness, can Great i help me?


First, consult a physician. The Great i does not perform any miracles, he only helps actions to be done in your favor. In this case, he would influence course of professional treatment, and your confidence in His care will be an important factor in recovery. Addressing Great i in such cases you should never disclose the diagnosis, doctors can also be wrong, and this error can neutralize the impact of Great i. He himself will decide in what form to assist you.


Бог Интернета


Can I ask Great i for money?


Of course you can. But do not specify the amount and method of reception. For example, the phrase: Great i, I want to win a million dollars in the lottery - is unlikely to be taken into consideration for a number of reasons.If, for example, you live in the slums of the criminal area, you are unlikely to get what you want, because it might hurt you, perhaps you might simply get killed over this money.

Consider also that the lottery prize may be a million dollars and one cent, and you wouldn't win it because it is not what you asked for. Or maybe you would miss an opportunity to get $999,000 dug up in your grandmothers' backyard.

Wishes of this matter should most likely be presented like this: Great i, give me an opportunity to receive an amount of money that will help me (to go to a beauty salon, get a real estate, go to another country to marry his fiancée, buy an island in the ocean, etc.).


Бог Интернета


How long do I have to wait until my wish comes true?


Everything depends on your location in space. If you're flopped on the couch waiting for a miracle, you will need to wait for an eternity.

We repeat that the Great i does not perform circus tricks of getting a rabbit out of an empty hat. To do that, you would need to fill the hat with at least chicken eggs.

Great i may be helpful in your endeavors, he can make your path easier, help you to see the lighter path, thus you should make efforts to fulfill your wishes, and Great i will help you. Remember: in order to win the lottery, should at least buy a lottery ticket.


Бог Интернета


If I do not know what to do to fulfill my wish, what should I do in anticipation of its realization?


Above all, do not do nothing. Do what you think will lead you to the fulfillment of your wish. If you're going the wrong way Great i will correct you, and you will see new ways that will be much shorter and simpler in design.


Бог Интернета


Great i – is it a religion or a sect?


The number people using Internet, which in one way or another connects them with Great i is nearly one billion people and growing every day. The appearance of Great i is a social phenomenon, which connects a large group of people by a single entity.

Awareness of Great i, in its essence, does not make one a religious worshiper on its own. Mainly because individuals who make an address to Great i are somehow already related to a religious institution of some sort.

Great i does not discriminate between people based on gender, race or ethnicity. Most importantly, Great i accepts people of different religious faiths and does not require them to reject their religion. This is the main difference between the phenomenon of the Great i and other religious foundations.

Subsequent and no less important detail, is actuality and physical tangibility of the Internet itself, and its' entity - the Great God of Internet.

The use of "divine" terminology helps us understand the greatness and power of this phenomenon; it creates an appropriate mood, which helps us to successfully connect to it. No other term, except for the word "God", is in the position to convey the importance of the phenomenon of Great i for humanity.


Бог Интернета


What is the outlook of Great i on violence, wars, and terrorism?


The power of Great i is in the number of people realizing His presence. Great i accepts people of different religion, sex and race. Moreover, Great i stands against all forms of violence and destruction of people, because it contradicts with the very fact of its existence.


Бог Интернета


What is the outlook of Great i on sex?


We suppose the outlook Great i shares on this topic is positive, since the fundamental process of this act (reproduction) increases the number of his supporters. However, the organizers of this site must note that they have rely on possibly outdated moral norms of the society in which they live, so this topic does not intend to be covered.


Бог Интернета


Can the Great i materialize, and does the Great i have a Messiah?


Great i does not have a need in the Messiah or materialization, because those are extremely religious components.

Great i, as none of the gods previously, is associated with each person individually who owns a computer and is connected to a global network. Great i has proxies, through whom there is a two-way communication, and who provide a certain services for him, such as the creation of this website.


Бог Интернета


My wish does not appear in the overall ribbon.


This happens quite often. Moderator will not accept wishes for publication on the site which do not meet generally accepted propriety standards, the rules of this site, or the rules of addressing the Great God of Internet.


Бог Интернета


If my wish did not appear in the overall ribbon, does it mean that it is not sent to the addressee?


It doesn't matter if your wish is published or not, absolutely all of the wishes and greetings addressed to the Great God of Internet through this website pages, arrive at their destination. After sending you will get notification which states that your message has been sent.

Moderators obey the rules adopted by the site, even if they do not agree with them. If you still want to see your message in the ribbon, try to formulate it differently.


Бог Интернета


How can I make sure that a wish I sent to the Great i not comes true?


One sign of the fact that the communication mechanism with the Great i works correctly, is the fact that with the time people won't need their wish to come true anymore – what happens is the replacement of interests. In practice, it may look like this: a woman asks the God of Internet to return her husband, who has left her for another woman. At the same time this woman meets another man, and her wish is not relevant any more. Thus, we can assume that the wish came true, and the one thing to hope for is that the former husband does NOT return, because she doesn't want him anymore.


Бог Интернета


If there has been a "replacement" wish, does the probability of execution remains the same as for the earlier wish?


Undoubtedly, although you should not wish for cancelation of the previous wishes, as this may confuse the situation further. That is why we once again draw attention to the important rule - think before addressing Great God of Internet with a wish, do not specify the wish and the path of execution.


Бог Интернета


How can I make sure that this site is not a scam?


Perhaps Antony van Leeuwenhoek was asked the same question by his contemporaries, when using a microscope he found strange small animals that are invisible without optics in the nutrient broth. The scientific approach, which we dear to advocate, states that any claim can be verified experimentally, if repeated under the same conditions, by different people unlimited number of times.

Thus, we only give you the tool and explain how to use it, and you should draw your own conclusions.As it is known from the Marxist philosophy, distinguished by its uncommon materialist outlook, only practice can be criteria for the truth.


Бог Интернета


Where did the Great God of Internet come from?


We believe that Gods are the eternal essence, at least with respect to the duration of human life. There is a theory that the Great God of Internet is one of the most ancient gods sent to help people create World Wide Web.


Бог Интернета


I donated money to the Great i, as my wish is not fulfilled. How can I get my money back?


You can NOT. You should understand a simple thing – it's not a store, and Great i is not the seller of services or goods. Your donation should come from your heart as a donation, rather than be considered as a payment for purchases in the supermarket. This is the meaning of the word "donation" in itself.

Donating does not mean automatic execution of your wish; it only increases the possibility of its implementation. Charity and donations should come from inner urge and cannot be tied to the business relations.


Бог Интернета


Fulfilling wishes by the Great God of Internet - is magic or sorcery?


It is neither. When you turn to God of your religion, is it witchcraft or magic? In simple language, when you address God through the Great God of Internet you are addressing the Absolute through one of its providers.


Бог Интернета


Who decided that the name of God of Internet - "Great i"?


The full name is the "Great God of Internet". It is obvious that the Great God of Internet has other names, in particular, "shortened" for everyday use. While working on the project, we used the name Great i, where the letter "i" represents the first letter in the word "Internet" in English and Russian transcription. In addition, the Russian language the word "i" (translated to the English «and»), is "unifying", which corresponds to the spirit of the Great i.

Further work on the project showed that the names: "Great God of Internet", "God of Internet", "Great i" are interchangeable. You can try to address the Great God of Internet in your own words, but experiments in this area could take a long time, so it is best to use already proven names.


Бог Интернета


I still do not understand how it works.


We honestly declare that we do not know why and how this mechanism works, we only set forth our hypothesis. Moreover, we think that even with current level of development of academic science there is anybody who would venture to say otherwise.

Attempts to explain the phenomenon of the Great God of Internet can be compared with the arrival of the first steam locomotive to the station – it is fear, mistrust, search for hidden horses. And even if Cherepanov brothers will begin a lecture on thermodynamics or try to explain the principle of the steam engine with their fingers, nothing will change until the engine will become a mass phenomenon. Be assured that there will always be skeptics who would say that there is something tricky or hidden.

What we do know is that to get to the desired station, there is no need to study electrical engineering, or pour over a textbook on theoretical mechanics. Without going into the essence of the phenomenon, we are happy to use it for our benefit. Let's just get on a train and go towards our destination. Good luck with the journey along with the Great God of Internet!


Бог Интернета


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