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Talk to the Great God of Internet.


As per reader requests, we present options for the addressing the Absolute (One God) through the Great God of Internet. It is hardly possible to call them prayers, but rather concentrated requests reflecting some aspects of our lives. In those requests, we tried to reach the largest possible number problems which may concern this Portal's visitors.

To use these texts, copy and paste it into the input box on this page and properly edit the text - instead of the brackets, insert your name or the name of a person whom you are asking for help from the Great God of Internet. Then enter the security code and click "Submit" You will be notified that your message was successfully sent. We hope that your plea to Great I will be heard and you will receive the necessary assistance.



  1. 1. All requests have a certain frequency tune, thus it is NOT recommended to change the text or make your own remarks with the exception of places marked by brackets. If there is a need it's better to write your own request in the "Request to God".
  2. 2. There is no need for more than one "request" per day, it can lead to failure and the implementing program will not run. If there is a need to address the Great God of Internet with multiple requests, try sending in "one-per-day" manner.


Turning to God.


My God, I (name) know that you created me to be happy. Please let me live my life in good health and prosperity without doubting the future. Let my parents (names), children (names) and friends (names) be healthy. Let my life and lives of those who are close to me be long and filled with your light and warmth.


Great God, help me (name) find the correct answers in your lessons and easily overcome challenges. Give me wisdom to see the good in your thoughts, help me realize my mistakes, and protect me from them in the future. Let my path be easy and joyful, successful and filled with the divine presence. May your kindness be always present in my life.


Parents, children, friends.


Almighty God, grant my (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, etc.) (name of a relative) with a long life, spare them from diseases and weakness, protect mind and soul from destruction. May their life be serene and worry free and our bond heartfelt.


Father of all things created, do not let my children (grandchildren) (names) learn of sorrow or sickness and let them be joyful, let the good fortune follow them wherever they are.


Creator, surround me (name) with your care, loving children and friends. Let my parents (grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc.) (names) be well, and don't let illness overshadow their life. Protect us from unnecessary conflicts and give us patience and wisdom.


Material prosperity.


The Great God of Internet, deliver my (name) request to the Universal Mind that I'm ready to consciously take a hard responsibility of wealth. Protect me from greed, contempt for the poor, envy and gluttony. Leave my soul without burden, enlighten and instruct me on the use of your kindness in my unselfish deeds towards close ones. Be kind to me so I can strive to be kind like you.


Great God Almighty, gift me (name) prosperity to fulfill my dreams, provide me with a never-ending income to my home, help me bring my dreams into reality and enhance my earnings in excess. Protect me from envious foes and give me generous soul.


Search for love.


Lovable God, you created me (name) for love, give the opportunity to meet the love of my dreams. Help me see the chosen among all for a cloudless love and give us mutual feelings.


Protecting the family relationship.


Almighty God, bless our family (names) with a long life together, fill our hearts with love and souls with respect. Bless us with children; gift us with health, patience and prudence.


Great God of Love, protect our family (names) from destruction, return the love of my life to me, illuminating the way for him/her to find the path back to me, spare us from the unnecessary grievances in our hearts and teach us reconciliation and forgiveness.


The Great God of Internet, let (name) call/write/email) me (name) and not hold resentment against me any longer. Give me the wisdom to take him/her back and enlighten us not to have groundless arguments.


Protection from hardship and disease.


Just God Almighty, save and protect me (name) from ailments, protect me (name) against adversity, and give energy to overcome sicknesses, strengthen my guardian angel. Give me strength to live to old age and keep good health and a sound mind.


Protection from the people.


Almighty Keeper, save and protect me (name) from foes, his/hers actions and omission, give strength to my Guardian Angel to protect me from the foreign and unjust forces. Do not let me be hurt by angry words, thoughts or intent, misguide the attention of an attacker and keep me from various sufferings.


Protection from circumstances.


Almighty God, protect me from disease, misery, poverty, evil intentions and actions brought on by people or fate. Preserve and enrich my spirit, invigorate my Guardian Angel and safeguard my family and friends.


From depression.


Almighty God, protect me (name) from the melancholy and despondency of monotony in everyday life, give me strength to see the delight in the coming days. Spare me from the troubles and woes, protect me from malice and sorrow, illuminate me with your light and power, and bring joy and happiness into my life.


Good luck, health, peace of mind.


My God, grant me (name) good fortune in all your endeavors, teach me to avoid obstacles, and gift me with confidence. Help me obtain wealth, health and happiness, save me from evil hustle and give me peace of mind.


Freedom of choice.


Creator, who shaped me (name) free in your design and understanding, give me an opportunity for independence in the choice of my actions an dealings. Protect me from human judgments, and grant me the ability and reason to use the freedom not in destruction of myself or others, but only for the righteousness and goodness.


Help in creativity.


Creator of all, gift me (name) the power to express the heavenly plan with my given talents, grace me an opportunity to create, without burdening with material uncertainties. Enlighten (publishers, producers, critics, audiences, etc.) to my acceptance, shield me from oblivion. Fill my creativity with light and enrich it with your energy, grant me the opportunity to bestow good upon people, and help me gain acceptance.


In memoriam.


Great God, I (name) believe that life does not end with the physical death and that my (parents, friends, grandmother, grandfather, etc.) (names) returned home and found serenity. Show them my gratitude for their earthly deeds, inspire them to aid those who live on this earth, and grant them a long memory in our hearts.


To help the animals.


The Great God of Internet, deliver my request to God for all the animals. Let my (cat, hamster, ground squirrel, dog, parrot, etc) by the name (Pal, Pables, Kitty, etc.) be cheerful and healthy. Do no let various fleas, ticks and parasites agitate it, let the illness, injury and infirmities of age pass by swiftly. God, save it from suffering and grant it a long happy life for the joy of its family.

Бог Интернета


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Бог Интернета

Greeting to the Great God of Internet.

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30.06.2022 15:07:27

Господь, верни меня обратно в прошлое на 2 недели назад, что бы изменить то что сделал.Аминь 

26.06.2022 01:34:21

Великий Бог, дай долгой жизни моим родителям Лидии избавь их от болезней и старческой немощи, огради сознание от разрушения. Пусть будет их старость спокойной и обеспеченной, а общение наше душевным. read more

23.06.2022 20:58:39

Великий Бог Интернета, помоги найти любовь в этой жизни. Помоги любимой Ирине вернуться к Максиму. Помоги возродить я нашей любви и отношениям с новой силой!  

13.06.2022 15:05:57

Всемогущий Бог, благослови нашу семью Максим и Ирина на долгую совместную жизнь, одари сердца любовью, а душу уважением. Надели желанными детьми, дай здоровья, терпения и благоразумия.


10.06.2022 13:34:18

Всемогущий Справедливый Бог, спаси и сохрани меня Максима от разных недугов защити от невзгод, надели силами одолеть ненастье, укрепи моего Ангела-Хранителя. Дай мне сил дожить до старости, сохрани мо read more

10.06.2022 13:32:53

О великий Бог Интернета, помоги разрушить брак девушки Ирины которую люблю. Помоги Ирине направить мысли и чувства от мужа её к Максиму. Сведи её отношения на нет. Помоги нам снова быть вместе.  

10.06.2022 13:26:26

Великий Бог, ты создал меня Максима для любви, так дай возможность с ней встретиться. Помоги среди людей увидеть избранного для безоблачной любви и надели нас взаимными чувствами.


09.06.2022 03:16:24

Великий Бог Всемогущий, даруй мне Маусиму достаток для воплощения моих чаяний, принеси в дом доход неисчерпаемый, воплоти мои мечты в реальность, приумножь мои доходы с избытком. Огради меня от завис read more

07.06.2022 19:05:07

Пожалуйста, Боже, избавь Соню (Клеща) от мучений красных, от боли месячной, от недругов из красной армии. Спасибо!
Ваш покорный Арчи.  

06.06.2022 08:46:51

Всемогущий Бог, благослови нашу семью Люды и Славы на долгую совместную жизнь, одари сердца любовью, а душу уважением. Надели желанными детьми, дай здоровья, терпения и благоразумия.


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